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Runge ISD



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School FIRST Ratings

The Schools Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST) is a financial accountability system for Texas public school districts and charter schools. The Texas Education Agency (TEA) administers the system and is designed to encourage and support fiscal responsibility and transparency in school districts.
Under the Schools FIRST system, school districts are assigned a rating of Superior, Above Standard Achievement, Standard Achievement, or Substandard Achievement based on 15 financial indicators. The indicators are designed to measure a district's financial management practices, including its level of fund balance, debt management, and financial stability.
The TEA assigns a rating to each school district based on its performance in each of the 15 indicators. The ratings are calculated based on the District's audited financial statements and other financial data submitted to the TEA.
The Schools FIRST rating is essential to a school district's financial health and accountability. A high rating indicates that the District has strong financial management practices, is transparent in its financial reporting, and can meet its financial obligations. On the other hand, a low rating may indicate financial risk and instability, leading to increased scrutiny from the TEA and other stakeholders.
In addition to providing accountability and transparency, the Schools FIRST system provides financial incentives for districts to maintain high ratings. Districts with a Superior rating may be eligible for waivers of certain state reporting requirements and increased flexibility in financial management practices.
Overall, the Schools FIRST rating is an essential tool for school districts to demonstrate their financial accountability and transparency and to ensure that financial resources are used efficiently and effectively to support student achievement.
Runge ISD received a rating of “A” for “Superior” under Texas’ School FIRST financial accountability rating system. The “Superior” rating is the state’s highest, demonstrating the quality of the District’s financial management and reporting system.
 FIRST A Rating                                              
School FIRST Ratings